Advice by Detailed Examples

We are Jazz Function band, playing accessible Jazz for mood and dancing mixed with exciting function music for people that just want to bop. Please scroll through the case studies below, we offer advice by showing the details about some of our past Gigs

Most of the examples below are Wedding Receptions. We are equally busy with corporate, public and anniversaries events.

Cocktail Reception

Leah booked us in January for a Cocktail Retirement Reception in the Guildhall in Salisbury in early February.

On the day, we arrived with the equipment at about 5pm. We were in an elegant classically proportioned room and setup in a large bay window. The rest of the band arrived at 6:30pm for a 7pm start. We played light Jazz to 150 guests for 3 hours. The band's microphone was available for a few speeches, which we announced with a quick fanfare. Finishing at 10pm, we cleared the site by 11pm and fought our way home through the snow.

Cocktail Reception & Dinner

Reverend Stephen booked us in September for his son's Wedding Reception in November having heard us at the Frampton Vicar's Garden Party in May.

The venue was a high ceilinged, white walled, bare village hall with a stage at one end but access to it was via the dinning area.

On the day we arrived at 2:45pm well before the guests arrived to allow time to reset any tables we might have had to move to gain access.

Although not booked for dancing we still used some of our stage lights to give a warm romantic atmosphere to the hall. The rest of the band arrived at 4:30pm, we played light jazz for 3 hours between 5pm and 8pm, before, during and after Dinner.

Just Evening Dance

Alf booked us in February for his Wedding Reception at the end of April in The Italian Villa, Compton Acres.

We arrived at 5:30pm to setup downstairs in the basement which looked magical with hundreds of candles and palm tree decorations. We setup at the far end of the room which has a raised area and is a bit of stage with arches, the other end has a bar and with a casual seating area with a large dance floor in between. We erected our equipment and lights for an evening dance, while up stairs the guest were dining. The rest of the band arrived at 7pm. We started playing at 7:30pm and finished at midnight and had cleared the site by 1am.

Dinner & Dance

Emma booked us in February for her Wedding Reception in August at Cerne Abbas Village Hall.

On the day Babs and I arrived with the equipment at 1pm with the rest of the players arriving at 2:30pm. The venue was a modern village hall with a bright main room with a stage at one end. We started playing dinner Jazz at 3pm as the guests arrived from the Church. We had a small break during the speeches when our radio microphone was available. Our radio microphone was also used by one of the guests as she sang a prearranged significant song while accompanied by our pianist. A small space was then cleared for first the dance followed by a little romantic music for couples dancing for about an hour. We finished playing at 7pm and since the stage had a curtain we were able to immediately pack-up.

Wedding Reception & Dinner at different venues

Julie booked us in December for a Wedding Service & Reception in February at Athelhampton House & Chantmarle Manor.

We arrived at Chantmarle at midday to setup for the late afternoon the main band's equipment. We then went to Athelhampton and setup for dinner Jazz and finally moved into the old house to setup for the service.

Babs played the piano for the wedding service including 'Fields of Gold' and some Abba's tunes including 'I do I do I do'. Babs then moved into the conservatory and played cocktail piano during lunch. We then moved quickly and quietly out to allow speeches to start. On arrival at Chantmarle Manor we got ready to receive the guests for evening entertainment of Jazz at starting at 4pm, being joined by the rest of the band at 3:30pm.

Garden Photos indoor Reception

Tobias booked us in January for a Wedding Reception in May at the Larmer Tree Gardens

On the Day, the bands setup crew of two ( Babs & I ) arrived at 1pm with the band equipment, which we finished erecting by 3pm on the lovely outdoor hemisphere stage in their ornamental gardens. Which has power and shelter but access is tricky.

The remaining 2 players of the four piece band arrived at about 3pm for a 3:30pm start, we then played light Jazz for 2 hours whilst photos were taken outside and guests socialized in the sun enjoying the extensive gardens.

The guests then went indoors to the Wedding Breakfast in the large conservatory.
We cleared the site by 6:30pm

Restaurant afternoon & evening

Brian and Sue at their reception at Da Vinci's Poole in pril 2009 during their first dance (Let's Fall in Love).

Brian and Sue booked us in February 2009 for their reception mid April 2009 which was at Da Vinci's Restaurant on the Quay side in Poole. They booked the top floor for about 100 guests.

A visit was arranged to the restaurant to discuss the location of the Band for the evening and the piano for cocktail music during the afternoon. Also to check access since we were playing up stairs and we might have had trouble with the larger pieces of equipment.

On the Day, Babs & I arrived at midday to setup, which was completed by 2pm including the lights for the evening.

At 2:30pm Babs played cocktail piano for 2 hours over lunch for forty guests.

The remaining 3 players of the standard five piece band arrived about 7pm for a 7:30pm start. The musical theme was mellow Jazz and Swing ( Gershwin, Porter, Basie, Ellington, Sinatra, Mile Davis etc than Contemporary, was our brief ). They requested Let's Fall in Love by Ted Koehler as their first dance, which we played a new arrangement especially for them.

We finished at midnight and had left the site by 1am.

Garden Jazz -> Big Band -> Small Bop

Nodlaigh booked us in May for her Wedding Reception in late July at Chantmarle Manor.

Although we knew the venue well, a visit was arranged to discuss locations during May, since we were playing in different places at different times and the planning of the moves at certain times was important.

On the Day, the bands Babs & I arrived at 2pm with the band equipment and by 3:30pm it was in place on the lawn in the quadrangle as was the light show in the large outside Marquee for later, behind the stage curtains for the evening.

The remaining 2 players of the four piece band arrived at about 3pm for a 3:30pm start, we then played light Jazz for 2 hours whilst photos were taken outside and guests socialized in the sun.

The guests retired inside the large marquee for the Wedding Breakfast. We then removed the equipment and moved to the evening location via a route which did not disturb the guests. We were setup ready to start by 7:30pm when 2 more players arrived.

We then started playing at 8pm as a small big band for 2 hours focusing particularly on Big Band Music era, the line up was now 2 Trumpets, 2 Saxophones, Trombone plus Singer & Piano and Rhythm.

At 10pm two of the afternoon players withdrew and the remaining 4 players went on to play mixed dance and function music until midnight. We had cleared the site by 1am.

Morning After Jazz Lunch

Sarah booked us in March for a Morning After Wedding Reception in August 'having had the Disco thing for the young ones' on the Saturday night and with most guests staying over, we were to play their kind of music at a Sunday Jazz Brunch. Giving everyone more time to chat, relax and catch up before traveling home.

We arrived to setup at 10am and started playing at midday in a marquee 200 yards from the house. Our brief was to start gently and build including on the way a couple of favorite tunes 'Red Red Robin goes Bob Bobbin Along' and 'Bring me Sunshine'.

We finished at 3pm and had left by 4pm.

Wedding Reception - Lots of Children

Christine booked us in September 2008 for her Wedding Reception in her parents garden in July 2009

We were informed that there would be approximately 30 children present and could we play a couple of tunes for them.

A visit was arranged a few days prior to the event when the Marquee had been erected to finalize locations, positions of mains power sockets etc before the day.

On the Day, the bands setup crew of two ( Babs & I ) arrived at 1:30pm with the band equipment, which we comfortably finished erecting by 2:30pm ( No light Show required since Dinner Jazz only ). We were in two location in the Marquee's dining area for the main band and also half way up the garden there was a Gazebo for the piano.

The Wedding was at the local church so the Wedding party was able to walk to the reception at 3pm and socialize in the garden.

At about 3:30pm Babs played Children's Tunes; Disney Film tunes, Abba, High School Musical etc. for about half an hour. The children, congregated around Babs whilst she played munching Ice Cream and Chocolate Brownies picking their favourite tunes. The parents indulgently looked on and two girls from the village were also asked to help supervise the Children.

The remaining 2 players of the four piece band arrived about 5pm for a 5:30pm start.

Just before 5pm the children were lead away by an entertainer to the local village hall, while the adults sat down at their tables and enjoyed the speeches pre dinner.

We started playing at about 5:30pm and the children returned a little after that and rejoined their parents for the Buffet Wedding Breakfast. We played until 8:30pm when the guest retired to the village hall for a disco. We left the site by 9:30pm.

Wedding Reception - International

Melanie booked us in August 2005 for July 2006 at Kingston Country Courtyard.

On the Day, the bands setup crew of two ( Babs & I ) arrived at 12:30pm with the band equipment, which we finished erecting by 2:30pm, in the beautifully converted Barn and also the piano in Garden over looking Corfe Castle.

Babs played under a tree, cocktail piano at 4pm for a few hours while the guests arrived and mingled in the gardens.

The remaining 2 players of the four piece standard band arrived at about 7:30pm for a 8pm start.

The Wedding Breakfast started at 6pm the Bride was German and the Groom British. The speeches were dispersed throughout the meal, as where quiz's and comic sketches about the couple from both families. When we started playing at 8pm until 11pm. The playing was interspersed with songs from each family for each other. They requested we start the dancing with the Dimitri Jazz Waltz from the film 'eyes wide shut'.

Wedding Reception - International - Navy

The Band playing the marquee

Mimoza Booked us in April for a Wedding Reception in August in a large Marquee in the garden of the Groom's parent's House.

A visit was arranged to confirm location of the Band and also access to the church, a traditional tune was required for the church service Martesa Jone (Our Marriage) music which was supplied.

A month before Mimoza visited us at the band's rehearsal rooms to discuss music.

On the Day, the bands setup crew of two ( Babs & I ) arrived at 12:30pm with the band equipment, which I (Babs had other duties) finished erecting by 2:30pm, in the marquee. The remaining 2 players of the four piece standard band arrived about 2:30pm for a 3pm start.

The Band the played Cocktail Jazz for 3 hours while the guests a mix of Royal Navy Officers and the Brides Albanian family dined. The Band's radio microphone was used for the speeches.

At 7pm the marquee was cleared while guest changed for the evening dance and the room cleared and the Band setup the light show.

At 8pm the Band started playing dance music until midnight, it was mixed aged group, with a lot of young couples being really good ballroom dancers, at regular intervals we played the brides CD of lively traditional Albanian dance music. At midnight the main band finished, while we packed up we played disco CD's for about half an hour with the light show, until even the most energetic finally collapsed after 3 hours of Jazz, 4 hours of lively dancing and half an hour of disco. We cleared the site by 1:30am and slept late.

Garden Photos & Evening Dance

Naomi booked us in January for a Wedding Reception in July at Ston Easton Park

On the Day, the bands setup crew of two ( Babs & I ) arrived at 12:30pm with the band equipment, which we comfortably finished erecting by 2pm, outside by main entrance to this fine country house. With the Light show part assembled in a side room for quick access later. The remaining 2 players of the four piece standard band arrived about 2pm for a 2:30pm start.

We then played light Jazz as everyone arrived from the Church and had a champagne reception in the grounds at the front of the house for photos and chatting in the sun or in the shaded seating while listening to the band.

At 4pm everyone went inside for the Wedding Breakfast, we stripped down the gear and moved to a side room ready for a quick change over. At 6:45pm the guests enjoyed coffee in the Yellow Dinning Room while the dinner area was cleared and we setup for the evening dance.

We started playing in the evening, which included the lights at 7:30pm, it was a mixed aged group as is normal for a wedding so we played a wide range of material miller, ballroom, bop, pop jive etc. The First dance was a new one to us and we wrote a special arrangement of "Don't Feel Like Dancin" by the Scissor Sisters for them. We finished playing at midnight and had cleared the site by 1am.

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