Booking Information 2015/16

We are Jazz Function band, playing accessible Jazz for mood and dancing mixed with exciting function music for people that just want to bop.
Below is a description of what we do and how, plus what we need from you.

Please Note due to injury we are not currently accepting new bookings !

Music for All Ages Groups

Formed in 2001 this small Jazz combo plays smooth Swing, Latin, Ballroom, Vocal & Jazz Standards plus some Soul, Funk, Vintage Pop, Dixie, Glen Miller, Jive & Rock ‘n' Roll. This means we should have some favourites for all the age groups at your event.

Uniquely Flexible Band

The band is available as 4 piece, specialising in wedding receptions, dances and dinner jazz.

The Band has 4 players:

We have a female Pianist who Sings.
Tenor Saxophone player who also plays Alto and Clarinet.
Trumpeter also plays the mellow Flugel.
I play the Trombone while controlling the PA and light show.

Our aim is to provide the maximum impact and flexibility for such a compact band. Therefore the remainder of the rhythm section of bass & drums we have pre-recorded and are unique to the band, this gives us full control of volume level plus reduces space requirements. Plus you are only paying for the soloists and is why we can play such a huge range of styles, most other 4 piece bands are Bass, Drums and Piano or Guitar plus a Soloist say a Sax not a lot of variation and a bit limiting.

We also now have the option of a fifth member an exceptionally fine male singer who specializes in Ballads.

Equipped for Your Event with no Hidden Extras

We use an expensive in ear monitoring system which means we can clearly hear each other to play effective Jazz independently of your guests chat level and in turn play at whatever sound level you require. We supply our own PA and can supply background music if required during intervals and a microphone would be available for any announcements you wish to make.

An indication of the size of the audience is helpful in making sure we bring the appropriate speakers. We can project into more than one area, including remote radio linked speakers.

I am happy to visit to discuss your needs without obligation.

Professional Band

The Band has Public Liability and Employers Liability insurances plus our equipment is Regularly PAT tested, players generally also have their own cover via the Musicians Union or ISM memberships. There is no VAT to pay.

Styles of Music

We vary our program to suit but for a typical dance our first set is Easy Vocal & Ballroom including a good cross section of real dance numbers Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Waltz, Quicksteps, Slow & Social Foxtrot's, Tango’s etc. Then pickup the pace with a second set of up tempo Soul, Funk, Rock 'n' Roll , Jive and faster dance tunes including vintage Pop. Then continuing the evening with styles as required.

For a typical wedding reception/party we normally start with Background Cocktail music to provide an atmosphere for social chatting with a calm selection of relaxing ensemble pieces. Later we pickup the volume and play ballroom or faster depending on what people dance to, but we are equally happy just to just play Jazz.

Special Tunes

If there are any particular tunes you would like us to play please inform me at least four weeks in advance so I can track down the words and music to these songs, we have an extensive library of 2500 arrangements back at the base. If it's not there, we will try and get it for you, we love peoples favourite songs, since they often become ours as well. If we can't cover it, I can play your CD in the PA system, However you will not be able to connect any of your equipment ( IPods, PC's etc ) into my system.

Recent requests we have managed are Scissor Sister's Don't feel Like dancin, Pink Floyd's Us and Them, tunes for a themed party celebrating Marilyn Monroe's film Some Like Hot plus classics like What a Wonderful World as well as Regimental Marches for formal Mess Dinners.

Light Show included for evening dances

We will bring lights for the band to play by so the dance floor can be dimly lit. When we play evening indoor gigs where dancing is wanted we bring coloured flood lighting for the band and dance floor plus Glitter-balls to help set the mood. Although the equipment is capable of strobe effects we don't utilise them and go for gradual transitions of colour wash.

Duration of Sets and Food.

We play about 55 minutes of every hour, when we take break we try to arrange it while something is happening so people don’t notice but nature does call. We bring our own food and drink.

Space and Power

We need a front facing of about 12 feet ( 4 meters ) and a depth of 10 feet ( 3.5 meters ). With good access, setting up our equipment takes about an hour and I would like to arrive a few hours before the gig to do this, so everything is ready prior to your guest's arrival.

I will help to sort out any last minute details with you or your Hotel contact. It takes just under an hour to remove our equipment, we will expect to do this immediately after our final set.

Some of our equipment is bulky and close access would be appreciated, could you reserve parking space for a Van and 2 band cars please.

We need mains power, a standard double socket will do, our light show uses modern LED technology which runs cool and is low power. If your reception's in a marquee which does not mains within 50m, then we will arrange for a generator but we do need to know in advance.

We are happy to play outdoors, however because of the electrical equipment we use, the band can't play in even light rain or on wet ground. Therefore, a backup undercover site/venue is required since our fee would still be due and we would prefer to play. We don't get on with noise detectors which cut the mains power supply, since it can damage our equipment, these tend to be present in some of the smaller village halls, please warn us if you suspect these might there.

Small Print

Any quotation is valid for one month and please be aware we are not holding the date free for you until we get your deposit. If we accept your booking and we have to cancel we will return your deposit and that is the limit of our liability to you. However, we have not had to cancel on anyone yet.

How we Price

We require a cheque made payable to 'Shaston Jazz & Swing' as a non-refundable deposit to book the band, the amount depending on location, whether we have to book accommodation etc. This also covers setting up the equipment and removing it after the gig ( a few hours hard work ). There is not normally an additional charge for any delay before the band starts playing

In addition to the deposit we then charge a fee per playing hour (approximately 55 minutes of each hour) based on the size of the band, which includes the use of a radio mic and the light show in the evening.

If we need to relocate the equipment to a fresh location there will be a charge depending on what is involved ( next room, into building, up stairs, travel to new site etc.). The Pianist is happy to play for your service for a flat fee of £50.

If you need extra time on the day and if we can do it, that is at the same hourly rate as if you had booked the extra time.

The balance also by cheque please on the night, normally prior to the final set.

Please send deposit cheque's to my postal address:

Duncan Sears
67 Linden Park

Please feel free to contact me for further clarification on any point on 01747 851947.

PS We all love playing and will be very flexible in trying to make your event special and tailor made for you.

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We will not willingly share your details with anyone else unless you ask us to
( e.g. we can't do your gig and you have asked us to find another band for you ).